A New Year with Daily New Mercies and Compassions from God!

10 Dec

New Year’s get us thinking about new things including God’s new mercies! I love the thought of new mercies on a daily basis and decided to find and read it in Scripture. Lamentations 3:22-23: “Through the Lord’s mercies, we are not consumed because His compassions fail not, they are new every morning.  Great is Your faithfulness.”

Understand that Lamentations is a book written by Jeremiah, commonly known as the “weeping prophet”.  A lament is a vehicle for working through sorrow.  It is a process one goes through in coming to grips with all God wants us to see about our present circumstances.  In the book of Lamentations we see the people of Judah losing their homeland country, and they also lost something more important.  They had lost God’s presence and power which had sustained them in their land.  Experiencing this kind of a devastating loss, God’s presence, brings understanding of the depth of grief involved in lament. 

It is interesting in this book of lamenting that in verses 22 and 23 Jeremiah proclaims this wonderful truth about the Lord’s mercies and compassions. They are contrary to everything written up until this point.  Prior to these two verses there is much devastation yet Jeremiah proclaims because of the mercies of the Lord, the people are not consumed.  In other words, without mercies they would all be destroyed.  These mercies mean an arduous zeal of love expressed by God to us, His people.  Then Jeremiah tells us why God’s mercies save us from being consumed– because His compassions do not fail – in fact, they are new every morning.  God’s compassions are a natural love and affection for His people.  We see then that His love and affection never ever fail us – that is wonderful news! 

 Not only can His mercies and compassions not fail but they are “new” every morning.  The word “new” means something not used by anyone else, or something recently acquired or discovered.  It is nearly impossible to say “new” if it previously existed.  For example: A woman can only be a new mother once in a lifetime.  She can have many babies and each of them is new to the family, but she will never be a new mother again.  So when Jeremiah proclaims God’s mercies are “new” every morning, we understand they are not refurbished, recycled, redone, or reused.  They are newly created, not existing beforehand.  How incredible our God truly is!!! We get fresh love and affection expressed with zeal from God every single day of our lives – now that is great news to start this New Year!

In the midst of whatever devastation or discouragement you may be facing as we approach yet another New Year, remember God’s mercies keep you from going under, from being utterly destroyed, or from being separated from Him, because His natural love and affection for you will never fail and He will express Himself to you with zeal.  You cannot make Him stop loving you, and in fact, He has a fresh dose of love for you every morning.  These two verses end with “Great is Your faithfulness”.  God’s character of faithfulness is fully expressed when we understand it means God is firm, steadfast, and provides security.  He cannot fail you because it is in His character to be faithful – in fact it is Who He is!!!!

Have a blessed New Year!  Not just on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, but every new day as you experience His new mercies and compassions every morning!! He cannot fail you!  Great is HIS faithfulness!

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