Fear is Like a Tsunami!

04 Mar

Hebrews 13:5-6 “…For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The LORD is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

The dictionary defines earthly fear as an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger.  The entities which cause us to fear can happen at any moment of any day.  Fear keeps us from moving forward because something bad “might” happen.  Bad things happen in life – We can be in car accidents or shot at a shopping mall. It “could” happen.  Fear exists because there is a possibility something bad can happen, no matter how real or how far-fetched.  If there was no possibility of horrific things happening in our world, fear would not exist.  However, entertaining “What if” questions make room for fear in our thought life.  If we allow “what if” questions to plague us, we cannot focus on God and what He does to prosper and do us good.  What if I lose my job?  What if I lose my house?  What if God does not change things? What if I fail?  What if I get sick?  What if I do not measure up?  What if I do not have enough faith?  What if, what if, what if!  All of these questions carry the potential of creating fear. 

Fear exists! The battle with fear is not about its existence, but about what we do with fear.  Do we attempt to “use” it for our advantage?  Do we nurse our fears?  Are we paralyzed by fear?  Do we allow fear to direct our path in life and decisions we make?  Do we pretend it does not exist?  Do we try to talk ourselves out of fear?   If we can say maybe or yes to any of these questions we need a growth spurt.  Each time the feeling of fear rises in our spirits, the battle is on!  It is at those times we must recognize the battle, call fear what it is, determine to abolish it, and put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ who overcame fear for us.  We do not need to let the enemy push us around and put “what if” questions into our spirits. 

Holy Spirit said to me, “Fear is like a tsunami”. A tsunami is a large destructive ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or another movement of the Earth’s surface.  The tsunami is the “aftereffect” so to speak of a violent shaking of the Earth’s crust.  An earthquake occurs when there is a sudden release of stress along a fault line or from volcanic activity.  Earthquakes occur in our lives when events collide causing an upheaval, usually after a great deal of stress has been experienced in one or more areas.  Once tragedy, failure, or adversity disrupts our lives (earthquake), the potential for fear (tsunami) follows.  Fear can flood over us like a massive ocean wave, a tsunami, invading our lives and threatening to overtake and completely destroy whatever was left standing from the earthquake.   We cannot control or stop earthquakes (shakings) and tsunami’s (fear) from occurring on the earth or in our lives.  However, we can do things to prepare ourselves.   We can draw correlations between tsunamis and fear. A geography website was my source for information about tsunamis and Holy Spirit was my source for the spiritual information. 

 *Tsunami’s can occur within minutes or after several hours of an earthquake

  • Fear can occur within minutes, after several hours, or even longer after a shaking or even a perceived shaking has occurred in our lives.  Learn to expect the onslaught of fear and don’t be caught off guard if it is delayed in coming.

* Tsunami’s can be generated from large earthquakes far away in other areas of an ocean.  The waves caused by these earthquakes travel at hundreds of mph before reaching their destination

  • Fear can be created by events or perceived events far removed from our own life.   Because fear about those events have the potential to travel and influence us, we should be aware and prepared

* National system monitors are established to warn people of potential tsunami’s after earthquakes

  • Holy Spirit is our help and warning when shakings occur – He has shown the potential effects and gives us the place to be and dwell when fear comes after the shaking

* All tsunamis are potentially but rarely dangerous.  When dangerous, they can be deadly

  • Fear is potentially but rarely dangerous in our lives – When it becomes dangerous we have been given strategies to ward off fear so it does not become deadly

* Tsunamis can happen any season of the year, any time, day or night

  • Fear can hit anytime – we must be ready in and out of season – Trust in the Lord!

* If an earthquake is felt, people living in coastal areas should not wait for an official tsunami warning but immediately move AWAY from falling objects and move TO higher ground-protect self

  • We live on earth where there are continual spiritual shakings – we do not need an official warning because we know trials and temptations are part of life. We protect ourselves by staying under the shelter of the Most High God.  We move away from fear when shakings occur and rise up on eagle’s wings to higher ground.  We are to soar like eagles and they soar high! We go to the Rock, the mountaintop with Jesus.

* If people do not feel an earthquake but learn there was one and they might be in the path of a tsunami, they are to listen to the radio or television broadcast to hear if they should take further action.  Depending on the location, they may have time to relocate. 

  • It is important we be listening to the Spirit of God at all times.  He is very good at letting us know what further action we need to take and leads us to relocation as necessary.  He leads us on the right path and directs our steps.  Trust and follow!

* There are reliable sources of information people can turn to for hazardous weather conditions

  • As Christians, we have the most reliable source of information for potential fear causing hazards. God Himself, Holy Spirit, and the Word of God!

* People who live in coastal areas are encouraged to keep a radio with them at all times making sure they have fresh batteries

  • This is a great one as Christians – no matter where we go, it is highly recommended we keep a Bible with us at all times, that we hide His Word in our hearts, and make sure we are in relationship with Holy Spirit and get “fresh” words daily

* People are to inform other people of the potential threat of tsunami, helping to ensure all are prepared and know the escape route to higher ground

  • We are to train up our children to fear and love God, not the things of this world.  We must share Jesus with everyone around, equipping and preparing them to seek the Lord who is higher than anything on this earth. 

* If a tsunami is going to hit, people are instructed to anchor items around the home.  Securing unanchored items or bringing them inside will reduce potential loss and damage

  • When fear is beginning to rile up inside us, make sure we are anchored in Jesus Christ.  We are secure when we hide in the cleft of the rock with the hand of God holding us firmly in His grip

* A tsunami is not a single wave but a series of waves.  Often the initial wave is not the largest, and the largest wave may occur several hours after the initial activity. 

  • Fear is not simply one feeling but in fact is usually multiple anxious thoughts combining in a series causing fear to grow.  Often the initial feeling of fear is minimal compared to what happens as we ponder and feed the fear.  Being prepared for a series of waves of fear will cause us not to be lulled into lethargy believing all is well, when in fact the next wave of fear is right behind the first. 

Tsunamis are not going to stop as long as there are earthquakes and earthquakes are not going to stop as long as earth exists.  Fear is not going to stop coming at us as long as the presence of danger exists, and the presence or anticipation of danger is not going to stop as long as sin and the devil exist on the earth. Tsunamis do not happen after every earthquake.  Fear does not happen after every tremor in our lives. Therefore, do not look for fear!  When tsunamis do happen, potential loss is averted with preparation, wisdom, and moving to safety.  When fear happens, we can avoid loss by being prepared in faith to resist fear.  We can gain wisdom and apply the truths found in the Word of God to stand against fear.  And we move and abide in the presence of a Mighty and Living God, a place of safety and security. 

Fear exists!  We just do not have to exist in fear!


One response to “Fear is Like a Tsunami!

  1. Kristen Larson

    January 7, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Julie, I needed to read this so much sooner today actually given what we know about me here today. LOL but, never too late for an awesome word and one that has such truth and wisdom and what a blessing you are to share this with us.

    You are so gifted at hearing from God and being able to write about it and share the wisdom He gives you on this blog. I am so blessed by your blogs and you.

    Have A Blessed Day!!!


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