At Christmas, Think on Jesus – Only Jesus!

22 Dec

Most often when a woman gets pregnant her entire mindset is charged with caring for her unborn child. Women usually pay very careful attention to nutrition, vitamins, eliminating alcohol and tobacco, and minimizing the use of all medications. Pregnancy brings an immediate awareness that another life is growing inside, one which is completely dependent on the mother.

Excitement fills the life of pregnant women who want to have a baby. They follow their baby’s growth and development online or in books, are able to see their babies through amazing imagery with ultrasound, hear heartbeats, feel movement, and enjoy the life being created within.  Pregnancy for women who do not want a baby will likely have more hurdles to climb before they are able to embrace the miracle of life within. But when a woman gets pregnant, wanting or not wanting a child is not the issue. She is expecting!  And not only is she expecting a baby, but she can expect her life to change drastically.  The only question becomes will the expectant mother fill those nine months with eager anticipation or unenthusiastic drudgery.

Now imagine being a virgin, getting pregnant, (still a virgin) meaning you got pregnant without having sex.  This is what happened to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  An angel showed up out of the blue and announced she was going to conceive and give birth to a Son, Jesus!  It really didn’t matter if she wanted a baby or not, she was going to be expecting.   And “want” was probably not a question because most likely having a baby hadn’t even entered Mary’s mind.  Why would it?  She never had sex and wasn’t planning to, yet was going to be pregnant.  Ready or not – motherhood was upon her.   

Mary’s life changed dramatically the moment she heard she would be pregnant.  Not only would her body change, but her living situation and marriage would look much different. And that didn’t even begin to touch on how her relationships with other people would change because as an unmarried pregnant girl, she would endure much scorn and rejection.  No one would actually believe she did not have sex.  

However Mary knew and believed something others didn’t know or believe.  She knew the Holy Spirit had come upon her and the power of the Highest had overshadowed her to conceive, and she knew Who she was pregnant with.  This truth must have filled her with just a wee bit of excitement and eager anticipation yes?  It must have brought encouragement and comfort to her as she journeyed the path of pregnancy and childbirth.  What an incredible feeling!  Carrying the Holy One, the Son of God, Jesus, in her womb. What a powerful, blessed, intense nine months!   If women today spend their entire pregnancy thinking about their unborn child, imagine Mary’s thoughts, knowing the child within was the Messiah!  Her thoughts of Jesus would have superseded anything and everything!

This Christmas we have opportunity to let thoughts of Jesus supersede anything and everything else.  Mary’s thoughts about Jesus may have included:  What would He look and act like?  Would He be perfect?  Would He ever cry?  Would He mature faster than the average child?  Would He have God’s features?  Would He look anything like her?  Just how crazy was life going to be for her now? Imagine the longing in her heart to finally “see” Him!

Our thoughts of Jesus might include: How are You moving in my life today? What surprises do You have in store for me?  What are Your thoughts and feelings focused on today Jesus? How can I serve You?  What are You teaching me?  Do we long to “see” Him?

The great news is we carry God in our hearts and lives every day!  We get to live a powerful, blessed, intense lifetime with Holy Spirit living in us.  We can think and gaze upon God because He is with us – Immanuel! Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,’ which is translated, ‘God with us.’” 

We know what He looks like when we see Him with eyes of faith and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”  

We get to look like Him as our lives are transformed more and more into His image. He in us and us in Him!  1 John 4:13 “By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit.”

Thinking on Jesus at Christmas – Only Jesus!  The Child who came to save us and now lives in us!  May our curiosity about Jesus skyrocket!   As we think on Him, He will show us more! We must not be in a hurry to move on to thinking about other things – only Jesus!  Enjoy being in His presence! 

When we go to church on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day we are sure to sing some glorious songs about Jesus! Let’s also take time to sing to Jesus, take time to think and meditate on Him! Let’s not be in a rush to move on and out of holy moments meant to be enjoyed with the family of God! 

Mary had nine months to carry Jesus, thirty-three years to live with Him, and the rest of her life she was carried by His Holy Spirit!  We likewise have a lifetime to live with God in us with an eternity of living in Him! Let that thought supersede anything and everything else in life! 

May we embrace and want to be pregnant with the things of God because we are expecting Jesus!  Ready or not – Christmas is coming!  May it be spent thinking on Jesus, only Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

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