Are You Really What You Eat?

13 Jun

It’s interesting how Christians pick up on worldly sayings isn’t it? One day as I was walking and worshipping, God chuckled and said, “You are what you eat!”  Holy Spirit had spoken a random thought into my spirit and it made me smile. I won’t go through the whole dialogue piece by piece but I did have a splendid conversation with Him about this subject.

How can we possibly be what we eat? Think about it! I don’t want to be ANYTHING that I eat! That is just plain gross! And then think about what comes out of us? Better yet, don’t!  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to disagree with the statement “You are what you eat!” No, I’m not waste material, thank you very much!

Of course I know what people “mean” when they say that, but folks, say what you mean instead of saying something ridiculous to try to prove something you believe in!

It is true we should eat healthy and in moderation, that we abuse food and drink far too often, and that we don’t exercise enough! But it is also true many people eat and drink all the wrong things and live happy, healthy lives, while some people eat and drink all the right things and are always sickly.  Prevention is good but wisdom is better! When we depend on prevention we are greatly discouraged when things don’t turn out like they “should” if we think we are doing everything in our power to prevent bad things from happening.

What the Lord really wanted to convey though is His children should not pick up on and use slogans or phrases coming out of the world! These always focus our attention on ourselves, and are usually far from truth not to mention unclear! See, we tend to believe what we say! So if we are saying all these worldly things even if we don’t agree with them entirely, we still believe them. We ought to spend a lot more time saying what God says about us and what we are, not what the world says!

If we aren’t what we eat then what are we? Are we what we say? Are we what we think? Are we what we do? Are we what we dream? Are we what we hope for? Are we just what we are? No, No!  God clearly tells us what we are, and when we start proclaiming what He says, living in His reality and truth, we won’t have time to focus on all the things we “think” we are, because we will be so busy living in His world instead of our own!

Let’s see what God says: You are the dust of the ground! Genesis 3:19 “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for dust you are, and to dust you shall return.”  Well that sounds promising huh? Not at first, but it is! God said this to Adam after he sinned. Obviously there were and are consequences for our sin BUT there is also hope! We came from dust and we return to dust, but then…we rise to new life in Jesus!

You are children of the Most High! You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. You are of more value than many sparrows. You are the branches of the Vine. You are friends of Jesus! You are God’s field, you are God’s building. You are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s. You are the body of Christ, and members individually. You are an epistle of Christ. You are the temple of the living God. You are light in the Lord! You are complete in Him! You are a chosen generation. You are a royal priesthood. You are a holy nation. You are His own special people! You are of God!

(Psalm 82:6; Matthew 5:13; Matthew 5:14 Matthew 10:31 John 15:5 John 15:141 Corinthians 3:91 Corinthians 3:231 Corinthians 12:272 Corinthians 3:32 Corinthians 6:16 Ephesians 5:8 Colossians 2:101 Peter 2:91 John 4:4)

Now… would you still like to say “You are what you eat”? I would rather say and be all the things God says! I will even be so bold as to say what I eat can just be what it is or I will eat my words! I will be who and what God says I am!

More important than all of our own “you are’s” is who God is to us! And since we are one with Him, our interest in Him proves more beneficial in discovering ourselves than all the effort we exert to “find” or describe ourselves outside of Him. Plus, there are hundreds more “You are’s” in reference to God than to us which means we should be shouting out who He is, not what we are!

Here are some “You are’s” from the book of Psalms:

You are my confidence. You are the helper of the fatherless. You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup. You are holy. You are with me. You are the God of my salvation. You are my hiding place. You are my King. You are My God! You are my shield. You are near. You are more awesome than Your holy places. You are my help and deliverer. You are my rock and my fortress. You are my hope. You are my trust from my youth. You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. You are my strong refuge. You are more glorious and excellent than the mountains. You are to be feared. You are the God who does wonders. You are my God. You are great and do wondrous things. You are the glory of our strength. You are my Father and the rock of my salvation. You are from everlasting. You are very great. You are clothed with honor and majesty. You are my portion.

I didn’t even begin to touch on the rest of the Bible which proclaims and declares: You are the Christ, You are the Son of the Living God, You are the Spirit of God, and well… you get the point!

Still, if any follower of Jesus insists on proclaiming “You are what you eat”, by all means go for it! But then…eat from the Word of God every day for every meal! You can’t go wrong there! God says you can’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from His mouth!  (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4)

Instead of getting caught up in, and digesting all the “you are’s” the world feeds us, feast on the Living Word and then tell the world who you really are. Just a little food for thought today!


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