How Awesome IS Our God? #3

17 Aug


This is Round Number Three of the “How Awesome IS Our God?” blogs using an acronym for AWESOME so we can see just how awesome our God really is!

A – Through Adoration

W – In Wonder

E – With Energy and Expectation

S – In Simplicity

O – By Obsession

M – Through Meditating on Him

E – With Excitement Everyday

We’ve talked about the “A” and the “W” (you can read installments one and two)! Now it’s time to investigate God’s awesomeness with energy and expectation! I think the best way to investigate anything in life is with energy and expectation… with vigor, liveliness, and forcefulness (energy), confidently believing with strong hope that we’ll discover something new (expectation). So, to discover how awesome our God is, we ought to go after Him with energy and expectation; with vigor, liveliness and force, fully confident and hopeful we’ll find ourselves overcome by His awesomeness.

8451914-image-of-energetic-man-jumping-high-against-bright-blue-skyEnergy in and of itself implies present tense. It’s tough to be energetic about something in the past.  Yet sometimes, that’s how we live as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We’re grateful He saved us by grace through faith; we’re thankful He forgave and redeemed us; and we love the idea of living eternally in heaven with God! But, we often lack an energized, enthusiastic, vigorous and living relationship with God. We often take His awesomeness for granted; we relegate His awesome work in our life to something in the past; no less true but not a present reality for us! It’s great to have testimony of God’s goodness from the past but if that’s all we have, if we always have to reach back into the recesses of our minds to tell of the awesomeness of God, we’ll likely not be energized to explore more of His awesomeness today!

So let’s think present tense; let’s think of today! To explore the awesomeness of God with energy, think about how God has touched you in the last twenty-four hours! How has God revealed His awesomeness to you? If you struggle to come up with even one thing, it’s time to get energized and expectant once again. The neat thing is, we don’t have to drum up this energy and expectancy ourselves. We just get to tap into God’s power; His vigor, His energy, His expectation, His get-up-and-go oomph in life! We just get to talk about how awesome He is. When we do this, we get energized! The more we talk about Jesus, the more we’ll pay attention to Him, the more we’ll recognize Him, the more energy we’ll want to expend for Him, the more expectant we’ll be of Him, and the more we’ll explore His awesomeness all day long!

See…it’s amazing what happens when we stop letting everything else in life consume our time and attention; we start getting in tune with the awesomeness of God; we start adoring God and wondering more about Him; we get more energy to seek God, and our expectation to experience His awesomeness grows exponentially as well!  In fact, we might say when we seek the Lord with energy, God’s AWESOME FACTOR swells to “out of this world” proportion AND we expect to live in His awesomeness every day of our lives!

1641065_origThis all happens by faith!  Here’s the thing…energy, expectation and faith are closely related! “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) “Now” faith, “Now” energy, and “Now” expectation – these all keep us living in the moment, in the present, in today! When we exert energy in seeking after the Lord, expectancy is created, and by faith we’ll experience what we hope for; we’ll experience evidence of His awesomeness.

Let today be a day of discovering the great depths of the awesomeness of God with energy and expectation. Let me give you three things from Luke 24:49 to help us do this! Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Promise. “Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”

1. They were to “tarry”; to wait. I guarantee their waiting was with a great deal of energy and expectancy knowing by faith, power was coming! 2. To be “endued” means His power would literally sink into them; they would be clothed with power. It’s like sinking into bed, or sinking into something perfectly fit just for you! 3. The Greek word for this “power” is “dynamis”! It means with strength and vigor. It would be appropriate to say, this power was “energy” sinking into them, becoming one with them.

Today friends the promise is fulfilled! Wait expectantly, looking for the awesomeness of God everywhere you go and in everything you do! Know you are endued with power! So go ahead and exert what He has clothed you with; vigor and liveliness! Don’t be surprised when the awesomeness of God overwhelms you from head to toe, inside and out!

Oh, and by the way…have some fun too! Be energized! Be expectant! Be awesome!




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